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Daycare provides supervised play and socialization in a safe indoor open playroom setting. A great way to lower your dogs overall energy and gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is being properly cared for while you are gone for the day. Our staff members will interact with your dog as well, especially if your dog is a "people person". We want the dogs to get their energy out but safety is our #1 concern. Proper play manners are encouraged by our staff at all times. Unlike some other facilities that only let your dogs play for some of the time. From 7am to 7pm your dog will be in the open playroom setting running around, exerting energy the entire time your dog is here. A half day of daycare is 6 hours or less, a full day is 6 hours or more, you can drop off and pick at anytime during our hours of operation.
Rates :
Daycare: $27 (Full Day – more than 6 hours)
Halfday: $18 (6 hours or less)
We also offer package deals (never expire, half days or full, discounted rates)​


5 day package        $125 ($10 discount)
10 day package      $250 ($20 discount)
20 day package      $500 ($40 discount)
Boarding: $45 a night (Daycare Included) ($36 per night for each additional dog)
The Canine Center • 7177 D Northgate Way • Westerville, OH 43082 • 614.776.2222
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